Which Arashi member looks best dressed as a woman?
After seeing Ohno's latest cross dressing in Arashi ni Shiyagare SP 2013.01.01 which really impressed me, it made me think how all members of Arashi have already done so in the past, for some even more than once. So I've decided to make a post showing each member's (my personal) best look dressed as a girl and gave for each of them a woman's name, just for fun really~ ;)

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2011.07.09: this was my favorite Sho cross dressing! I wouldn't think he'd look this great in a dress, knowing how his body is rather toned.

Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode 52: it was very hard to find a good one for Jun. I think this was the only time he actually cross dressed. He looked awkward and uncomfortable, I don't think he enjoyed doing this at all, hehe~

Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen 2010.08.21: I never saw the actual episode but when I saw pictures of this, I was so surprised!! I really couldn't imagine Aiba cross dressing before, so seeing this made me see him in a new light! :)

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2013.01.01: It wasn't the first time I saw Ohno cross dress, but once again, seeing this made me totally surprised! For some who don't know, he used a "Sagi-puri" which is a photo booth where you can make your eyes bigger. Of course, he had to wear a lot of makeup to look this good, but I was still very impressed.


Making of Yamada Taro Monogatari: No matter how many times I see this, I'm still amazed by how his body looks like a woman's (except the flat chest of course ;P). I was especially impressed by his legs. He even said he didn't shave them beforehand.

Well there you have it! So, who do you find looks best cross dressing? My personal favorite is Nino because he had the less makeup and still looked good as a woman.

Another side of Nino
As you may already know, Nino usually acts bratty, at least on TV, as he retorts what others say and jokes around, etc. So it's nice to see for a change a non bratty side of him, that I found in an older video, during Arashi ni Shiyagare's first location shooting at Mt. Takao on 2012.06.02. During this episode, I find Nino to act rather compliant, as he does what others tell him to do without bothering to retort about it. For example, after Nino lost in rock paper scissors and doesn't get to eat, Matsujun tells him to have a taste of his cucumber knowing that he's hungry. Nino does it willingly and even says that it's delicious.

If you push your imagination to the max, this could be considered an S/M Matsumiya relationship moment.

I also found this Ohmiya moment rather cute where Ohno gives Nino a 10 yen coin for climbing the stairs lol.

with Nino thinking "why is ridaa giving me a 10 yen coin??"

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!
Welcome! I have never posted an entry since I opened this livejournal 4 years ago. Talk about lazy! The reason why is because I've never found anything interesting to post (not that I do now lol).

But first, let's talk about myself a bit (I will keep it short): I'm a big fan of Arashi since around 2009. I treasure every Arashi subbed videos I've watched by keeping them all in my hardrive. My ichiban was first Sakurai, but a year after or so, it changed to Nino. I can't exactly explain why, it just happened gradually as I watch them in their variety shows and was gradually charmed by Nino's antics and his personality.

As for what I will post in this livejournal from now on, it will probably be random stuff from Arashi videos that pick my curiosity (and hopefully yours).

Sooo... without further ado, here comes nothing!

This is a gif I make for the first time, it's during Arashi's recent live performance of Breathless in Music Station on 03.29.12. During their ending pose that last a few seconds, Sakurai's standing position captivates my attention as it looks strangely attractive! I also like the way his clothes move in the wind.

He is the second one from the left.


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